Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cold morning air

The beautiful chill in the air this morning at 6:00 was the kind that precedes a warm and clear day. The air found the opening between my vest and my arm warmers, tickling the skin on my shoulders. My fingers were cold, but I knew they would warm as my entire body did, probably by the time I reached the Greenwood commuter rail stop in Wakefield. I passed the small breakfast nook as I have so many times near the station. I've wanted to stop there and get some food, but have not made it a priority.

By the time I reached Lake Quannapowitt I was warm and sweating. I stopped at my regular bench for a quick stretch/isometric exercise intended to help my pelvis find its correct alignment. I remounted and was off, careful to respect the pedestrians enjoying the quiet of the morning.

The sun felt good on the black material of the warmers. They did their color's job, absorbing the solar energy into the material and through to my skin. Perhaps this is the warming sensation so many renewable energy activists revel in; the feeling that so many of us just do not seem to "get". It's so natural, yet in an increasingly technologically enhanced society, do we forget the importance of our star's energy?

I am basking in the afterglow of the Good Ride and looking forward to the ride home along warmer streets.

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