Monday, June 20, 2005

The Title Bears Some Explanation

(This is from my previous blog "A Priori Pessimism")

It is a portion of a powerful phrase that a sustainable compatriot named Bob Murray, Program Manager for Green Homes Northeast said to me at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association meeting, Building Green 2005 earlier this year.

"I can not intellectually justify a priori pessimism"

At first, I did not think much of it. But, as the words floated around my brain, and we coninued the conversation, I got it. It is succinct and powerful, just what we need. It now adorns my wall and my blog to remind me to look for the positive in all situations.

I am happy to have run into Bob on a number of occasions at various renewable energy and sustainable events in the Boston area. I am most grateful that he agreed to let me use the quotation as part of my blog.

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