Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bike Racing

I raced over the weekend at Wells Ave. It was the first time on asphalt since last August and the first race of any kind since cross ended in December last year. As much as I over-analyze recreational competition as unnecessary to my function as a member of humanity, I do enjoy it so. It may have something to do with team work; the social aspect of the activity. Many of my miles are spent alone, riding to work and back. I enjoy the commute, but find that too much time spent alone riding can be a detriment. When I race, there is a coming together of people that share the same passion, that are eager to push themselves out there and put a little risk in their lives, then share the feeling afterward.

There is something primordial in the urge to compete, whether it is in business, in sport, in intellectual pursuits, or in life. The sport/life metaphor, some would call a cliche, has been used and written about for centuries. It is a well-used and well-deserved metaphor. In a culture where many people are not wanting for the basics of survival (at least in the middle class) sport provides the outlet to challenge oneself, create friendships, and grow as an individual.

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