Monday, August 15, 2005

First Day with Seven Cycles

Today was my first day at Seven Cycles. First Days are always anti-climactic. I built up some expectation that walking into Seven on my first day of work would be some life-altering experience, that the passion I feel for cycling would now be allowed to ooze out of my actions without repression. Yeah.

I am excited, don't get me wrong. Seven has a reputation as an innovator in product design and manufacturing, as well as the way Seven chooses to pursue business relationships with their suppliers and retailers. The reason I decided to accept a position with Seven Cycles was their entrepreneurial business model.

The fact that I love to ride, race, and work on bikes had absolutely nothing to do with my decision. Did I mention the bridge I have for sale?

The following weeks and months will be a study of the integration of a cynical 80-year-old man stuck in the mind and body of a 33-year-old idealist that considers cycling one of the simplest and easiest things we can participate in to save the planet. Oh, and I'd like to make a decent living along the way. How's that sound?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new job at Seven...should be an interesting experience. Look forward to reading more about it. Perhaps you can convince them to start blogging?...

Peterson Toscano said...

On August 19 I got rid of my car and now use a bike, my feet and the bus (well and rides from friends) to get around my small city of Hartford, CT. It is great change. For one it has helped me to discover the local options I have that I have overlooked.

Right now I have an old mountain bike someone gave me, but I hope that in a few months to get a really good bike.

I've noticed many more bikes and bikers around too. Many that I've seen ride without helmets, ride on sidewalks and ride in the opposite way to traffic. Yikes! I would love it if you wrote about biker safety and what you have learned about keeping safe on the bike.

caris said...