Friday, August 26, 2005

A Week Without Riding

I have been off the bike since the weekend and it's killing me. Part of the health benefits I glean from riding are of the mental variety. When I have not turned the cranks a few hundred times to get my chubby self around, I suffer. I get pessimistic and moody, and generally am not a nice guy to be around. I also tend to have a hankering for beer or wine when I haven't burned off the day's excess energy with a bike ride. My body rebels. I get strange leg cramps when walking down stairs that surface after a few days of inactivity. They are not so much cramps as they are a burning tightening in the quads. No one has ever been able to explain what causes is, so I must assume that it is an allergic reaction to a lack or riding.

Preparing to move this weekend certainly does not help the riding equation. On top of that, I've been nursing some form of a strain on the front of my right foot that has been keeping me off the bike. Man! I am complaining...

With issues like this to clog up the recesses of my brain, how can cycling be such a concern? Because I do not want to end up looking like that.

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