Saturday, September 24, 2005

Interbike Preparation Continues

We are having great September weather here in New England. For the most part I have been enjoying the indoors. Between injury recovery and starting a new job, the rising time has diminished a bit of late. We are making the last dash of preparation for Interbike next week and there is much to accomplish. It is exciting as well as a bit stressful, but I am sure that is part of the equation. We are working hard to bring information to the show that will be of the most interest and use for the retailers we will meet.

I did take the time to go out on an Elium SG yesterday morning for about an hour and 15 minutes. The picture's a little fuzzy as I am still learning how to use the camera feature of the Palm Zire I just bought. The old M505 finally gave up the ghost. I figured taking some time in the morning to burn off some energy would keep me sane as I spent the remainder of the day in the office shuffling through paper and maintaining an adequate caffeine level in my bloodstream. Considering my lack of riding since mid August, I felt pretty good. I even managed to use the SLR saddle on the bike without much ado or pain for that matter.

I did take a few minutes yesterday checking out the The Buscycle. Seems that some local creative types are putting together a 10 person pedal powered "bus" to wander the streets of Boston. I believe it's built on the chassis of a Ford F-150, because it was free. Now that's a good use of a truck frame.

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