Thursday, October 13, 2005

Eight Weeks In

This is becoming fun. I have been working too many hours, and neglecting some of the things that used to occupy my time. I hardly read the newsletters and articles that would consume hours before I joined the Seven Cycles team. My concerns about urban sprawl and land use patterns, while still there, has not been fueled by my normal readings of Planetizen and The Brookings Institute.

I have the feeling that the work I am doing will help the company move forward, help me develop personally and professionally, and lead me to the next stage of my career, whatever that may be.

There is a very strange Steely Dan video on the boob tube featuring monkeys in various 70s costumes. I found the title is Monkey in Your Soul.


I am feeling my scattered time and efforts focusing on the job at hand. After five years of wandering about, trying here, probing there, spending some time in bicycle retail, getting back into the "corporate world" with Beacon Power, and in general flopping about in the ether of this life, I feel like I have landed in a place where my work engages my business background and my passion for cycling and sustainability.

I have been putting in some regular 12 hour days and some weekend days. The pending problem is that I am having difficulty removing myself from some of the work and tending to my physical need for exercise. My 'cross season is on the verge of non-existence as I find myself more focused on my work than I have been in quite some time. It is not just the bike racing that I am worried about. In general I can tell that I have been neglecting my health; eating poorly and not exercising. This is something I need to work on. The good thing is that I can ride to work easily, even when raining. That keeps me on two wheels in some capacity every day.

A good friend sent me this article from the Globe, One Week, Two Wheels. I agree with the author's thoughts on the sounds, smells, and sensations one feels when riding a bike instead of driving a car. I also understood the author's concerns about sharing the road with automobile drivers that may not be as charitable with the strip of asphalt we all share.

I heard a newscaster refer to SUVs as Suddenly Useless Vehicles yesterday. How quickly opinions start to turn when circumstances change.

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