Monday, October 31, 2005

First Cross Race of the Season

I made it to Gloucester to punish myself for not training for cross this year. I could not stay away from racing this event. Despite the advice of my loving wife to register for the C-race, I did the Bs. Reason number one; pride. Reason number 2, the B-race goes off at noon, the C-race at 9:00 AM. That decision haunted me not only for the extra 5 minutes of suffering I endured but also for the snow that started coming down in earnest about 15 minutes before my race started. I pedaled away on the trainer, back to the wind, noticing that my gloves were already soaked. Well, I suppose this will be a test of my fortitude, and it was. My typical early season "I wanna quit" mentality kicked in part way through lap two when I felt like I could barely turn the pedals and nearly passed out...while riding. Maybe the C race was the better option.

Ah, but these are the races that get talked about for years. The pleasant weather ones are generally forgotten, or at least held in slightly less regard. 68th out of 81 finishers (scroll down)...sweet!

The biggest pain in the behind is cleanup; mud all over the place, a bike that shifts like crap, and feet that felt like numb stumps for about four hours.

Tough life. At least I have the opportunity to race for fun.

The next challenge...balancing the work with training...

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Tim Jackson said...

Looks pretty "nipply" to me. Our cross races here in SoCal aren't nearly as cold...