Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Climate Change and The Bottom Line

The latest cover story from Inc. Magazine relates nicelty to the recent publication of the Stern Report on the impacts of climate change on the global economy.

As with any report, there are those that love it and those that hate it and those tat will just try and ignore it. What are we to do? Spend a small percentage of overall global GDP to stem the increasing carbon emissions contributing to climate change on the assumption that it will help? What is climate change is not happening? Will we have spent those billions for nothing? As I read somewhere before, the same argument can be made for buying insurance and investing in standing armies...it is a "what if?" scenario.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development reports from Socialfunds.com that the investment world continues to ask for companies' assessment of their risks associated with climate change. I am glad someone is. The investment world's clout is an important element in the climate change battle. Do I have a say in this effort? If my 401k is in the right place I do.

At least this article highlights 50 companies that are taking action on their own, whether it be for altruistic reasons or otherwise. Thank you to them all.

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