Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Green Electronics Manufacturing

I have mentioned RoHS and WEEE initiatives that are in place to govern the end-of-life manufacturer responsibilities for electronics manufacturing before. These are just the first steps in creating the manufacturing systems that supports our microprocessor based technological advances without continuing to deplete the earth's resources. I stumbled across this article, The Green Fab Challenge: An ISMI-led Initiative to Explore Sustainable Manufacturing in the Semiconductor Industry By James Mr. Beasley addressing the need for semiconductor manufacturers to step up and lead the charge in the effort to create low, and eventually zero-waste, manufacturing.

Domani's Catherine Greener challenged the industry at the meeting to step up and accept the challenge of creating an industry that not only lead in the products they provide, but in the way they make their products. Why not? While there are technologies that are developed that benefit societies in many ways (check out the use of cell phones as a way to organize markets, allowing fishermen in India access to fair prices for their goods) certainly their are many uses of microprocessors that are merely gadgets and distractions.

Either way, an industry that prides itself of technological breakthroughs and manufacturing excellence, should be at the vanguard of the trend to create an environmentally effective and efficient manufacturing system.

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