Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year (again)!

The New Year of 2007 is here. The fireworks have been launched, the sparkling wine has been popped and imbibed, and the wheels of business continue to turn, though they appear to turn in a slightly relaxed way as the pause that accompanies the holidays wears off. In many ways, these first few weeks of the year are the most important time of the year. They set the tone for what is to come and all the plans laid down and agreed to now will be evaluated for success or failure in a mere 12 months. Though the feeling may be somewhat subdued, it is only because we are all finalizing our plans for the year.

As part of my effort to offset carbon emissions associated with business travel, I logged my mileage for December and came up with a mere 420 miles, including a long day for a customer visit and a few days of commuting to the office. Of course, regular commuting miles are not part of a business expense reimbursement, but I am committed to logging all of my business related mileage. I also managed to fly good ol' Continental Airlines from Boston to Cleveland and then from Cleveland to Newark, NJ for a wedding in NYC. I add that here since airline travel (good ol' Norway!) is getting more attention for its contribution to carbon emissions and I may decide to offset some personal travel as well.

I listed two stories from late in 2006 that touch upon the continuing developments in carbon offsets. One about a new report on the voluntary offset market for corporations and one about an organization choosing an organization to help them offset their emissions. As I discussed with a fellow attendee of the last minute Green Drinks event in Boston yesterday evening, carbon offsetting mechanisms come in mutliple varieties with no clear standard that offsetting organizations follow and potential customers understand. Perhaps there will be a double counting lawsuit filed in the next few years that will result in a legal precedent for everyone to follow.

BSR and Ecosystem Marketplace Publish "Offsetting Emissions: A Business Brief on the Voluntary Carbon Market"

Walden Asset Management Offsets its Carbon Emissions with

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