Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Corporations Continue to Awaken

The Statement on Climate Change issued by the Global Roundtable on Climate Change in late February is another example of a group of "thought leaders" asking for concerted and global effort to regulate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Statements like this seem to be popping up more regularly by institutions populated by companies that one would not think would encourage regulatory interference. As I have mentioned before, they are concerned with the risks climate change presents to their businesses. They are also concerned that the lack of a consistent regulatory framework around their businesses will make long-term investments increasingly uncertain and therefore more expensive.

I was encouraged to read the recent Power Magazine Editorial, Birds in the hand for CO2. The power generation industry would not be considered the most forward-looking industry in the world, heck, they are concerned that in a few years most of the people that know anything will be retiring leaving a knowledge gap that will be debilitating to the industry. In any case, I was pleased to see the editor mention revitalizing demand side management to reduce the amount of energy needed in the first place. Referring to Amory Lovins' term negawatt, the editor urges industry and government to come up with ways that better encourage power generators to reduce demand. After all, they are paid to sell energy, not conserve it.

Two companies with operations here in the Northeast working in this space are EnerNOCFat Spaniel. It will be interesting to see how they fare in the next few years.

Hey, it looks like another company, Johnson Controls is expanding it's reach in the sustainability game. They must be smelling the market opportunity regarding efficient building systems and renewable energy management. It smells like money.

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