Sunday, February 25, 2007

Solar Energy Bill Update

I snapped this photo of a 50,000 watt light bulb at the Museum of Science in Boston a few weeks ago. I cannot remember the specifics, but the informational piece next to it said something about it operating at 5000+ degrees. Wow. With a few of those installed fire up the generators and let's cook some sausages!

How does this lead to an update on the Securing America's Energy Independence Act? Perhaps the collective mental energy of the people working to advance renewable and sustainable forms of energy would create the click of an idea and vision of this bulb's scale.

In any case, the extension of the solar energy and fuel cell tax credit through 2017 can do nothing but help these industries. One thing that investors are looking for is reduced risk. A long-term bill like this will reduce investor and consumer risk by helping create a sustainable and definable market for small businesses and driving down the cost of capital for PV and fuel cell manufacturers.

Renewable energy may make up a small percentage of the energy generated in our country and globally. It has the potential to explode in the next 10 years as the realizations about our tenuous energy supplies and climate change dawn on the population at large and the political leaders we elect.

Follow this link if you would like to send a message to your representatives in Congress urging them to support this bill.

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