Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Water (Business Travel Tally from January)

After all, this blog was created for the purpose of logging my business related travel and chronicling my efforts to offset the CO2 associated with that travel. Here it is, February 14th, and I have yet to report January's total. Here we are. I will be much more diligent in the following months. Why the photo? I help sell pure water analytics and I liked this photo. It's meaningful in its simplicity.

Auto mileage: 989
Trips to eastern PA, NJ, and various eastern MA locations

Air Travel
Boston to Washington National (Reagan), Richmond to Boston

Passenger Mileage (miles when I was riding along): 194 (est.)
Whilst tagging along in northern VA

Of course, what I realized as I reviewed the month is that I neglected to track the business mileage of vehicles in which I was a passenger. Now, I could get more accurate and factor in the equation that I was one of "X" people in the car and the type of car along with tire pressure and average speed on the highway; Maybe I will - in the future. Give me ideas! For the sake of this effort, I tracked on mileage from DC to Richmond, plus a "secret business adder" for the added stops along the way.

Various energy related articles:
As a wrap, check out this article a friend of mine forwarded me about the potential ban of incandescent light bulbs in Australia.

Another one, showing the skepticism associated with an emerging market, one that has been hurt in the past. The Heated Debate Over Citizenre:
How an emerging company has created a storm of controversy in the world of solar energy

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