Friday, March 09, 2007

Free Drinks - with a Green Catch

I attended the latest meeting of the Boston area Green Drinks crew last Tuesday evening at Tavern on the Square in central Sq., Cambridge. As with most of the previous events I attended, there was a new group of people to meet, since I am certain people venture to those meetings that are most convenient to them (makes perfect sense). There was good mix, though it was clear that this group attracts mostly "enviro" types, whatever that means. It was fun, and I am certain that I had a few too many cocktails.

As part of the event, I decided to contribute to the greening of America by purchasing a fair number of beverages and food for the folks that attended. Of course, this charity came with a catch, I asked those that attended to track their CO2 emissions for the month of March and report their experiences attempting to do this back to me. It will be interesting to see how many actually make an attempt to do this and what their experiences are. You may even see some of their own words posted here, depending upon who feels like adding their fluid prose to this fine piece of internet reporting.

But seriously, did you see the big special section on the NYTimes website, Business of Green: A Special Section? There's a link to the WRI's carbon footprint calculator as well as well as an article on "Corporate Hippies". I like that term...Corporate Hippies...maybe that's the buzz word we need for this little community of green capitalists?

And, in the ongoing TXU saga, the perspective of the professionals that are in the power generation industry. TXU plan crumbles: What's next for North and Central Texas

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