Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Investors & Businesses Call for More Climate Change Action

CERES announced today that the Climate Call to Action presented on Capitol Hill was a resounding endorsement of national regulatory action on climate change. The full text of the letter can be seen here. Among the signatories are many of the states' treasurers and/or comptrollers, the usual suspects of socially responsible investment firms, and some of the large power generation companies including PG&E, ConEdison, and Exelon.

The recent week has seen the release of MIT's report The Future of Coal - Options for a Carbon Constrained World. Considering the ready availability of coal and its high carbon content, it is clear that advances in carbon capture and sequestration must be made to prevent the carbon's release into the atmosphere. The report lays out some recommendations to this effect.

I have started reading "The Warren Buffet Way", wishing to learn more about what it means to be a good investor, and wonder what the long-term thinking on climate change is at Berkshire Hathaway? Given that they own MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company and General RE, I would have to assume they are paying attention to climate change and the potential for carbon dioxide regulation.

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