Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boomers' Self Interest Lead to Action on Climate Change?

I am not trying to bash Boomers. I am not a demographer or an economist. I know what I hear about the Baby Boom Generation in various media outlets. There are a lot of them, and they are beating a wide path through the nation.Written about Boomers for Boomers by Boomers.

Now that they are entering their empty nest and retirement years, will the same harsh gaze many of them cast upon Vietnam be directed at their retirement accounts? Will they mobilize their billions in investment potential to influence the behavior of the corporations of which they own parts of to preserve the future for their grandchildren? The Boomers get credited with carving their own way through society, changing things (simply because there are so many of them) to suit their personal needs. Perhaps they'll take all that energy that went in to working and acquiring the lives they now have to help fix the planet. How is it in "their best interest" (or all of our best interests)?

What does Warren Buffet have to say about it?

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