Tuesday, April 10, 2007


There is so much attraction to a constantly growing economy (we need jobs), bank account, revenue stream, innovation economy that I wonder if we are missing the simplest element of what a "sustainable" existence really is? Simplicity. That means many things to many people. Personally, I am attracted to a simple life in a small community with locally based businesses and a tight network of friends and colleagues and I am attracted to the techno-speak of the innovation economy. Are they mutually exclusive? How cool would it be to receive a "carbon cost" on a PDA/phone when contemplating a purchase? Of course, this assumes there is a value affixed to the carbon emissions that went into the product at some point, and that consumers are paying for it. Would this provide an underlying simplicity cost?

The reality is that we have inherited this economic system and people are not about to make wholesale changes (toss the flat screen, the cell phone, and the wireless) unless there is an external event that compels them to do so. Assuming we would like to avoid that event, what do we do next?

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