Sunday, June 10, 2007

May's Business Travel

May was a "flying month", for business and personal reasons. In fact, I managed to contract my first good head cold of the season, something that always seems to happen after flying. I am sure it is not completely the fault of traveling by plane and sharing the same interior atmospheric conditions with 100+ of my closest friends, but it certainly cannot help. Even with my doses of Airborne (how effective is it really? Read this. It's psychosomatic.), I still came down with it on my way back from Champaign, IL.

Business Auto mileage:
863 miles
684 driving alone + 179 miles as a passenger (from 258 "actual passenger miles"; I use my scientific "fudge factor", dividing passenger miles by 2, to obtain my contribution).

Air Travel:
~3000 miles
~2100 miles round trip from Boston to Champaign, IL through Chicago for the ECUW
~900 miles round trip from Boston to Buffalo, NY

Some thoughts on the emerging CO2 offset market here, additionality. In other words, only GHGs from projects that "need" the subsidies our carbon offset payments provide should be counted as offsets. Projects that were done as "business as usual" should not be counted as offsets, since the projects were done anyway. I agree with the premise that we should be encouraging the development of new projects that remove CO2 and other GHGs from the atmosphere, but I can also see the potential to "grandfather" existing projects.

We shall see who the winners are in the long-term.

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