Wednesday, July 04, 2007

June's Business Travel

I fell out of the reporting habit and had to look back over a month to figure out where I traveled in June (I dated the post as well). It's interesting that my personal motivation for tracking business travel with the intent of understanding its contribution to overall CO2 emissions and the "cost" associated with offsetting it is hard to maintain. I can see why economists are often skeptical of voluntary programs for changing personal or corporate behavior. If there is no direct connection to a financial penalty or benefit, what's the point? I think about this stuff. many people don't. We'll have to use the rules of microeconomics to help fight the climate change battle.

Business Auto mileage:
~ 940788 driving alone + 152 miles as a passenger (from 304 "actual passenger miles"; I use my scientific "fudge factor", dividing passenger miles by 2, to obtain my personal mileage contribution).

Air Travel:
~ 800 miles
~ 800 miles round trip from Boston to Baltimore, MD

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