Wednesday, September 26, 2007

AltWheels 2007!

It's hard to believe that AltWheels is here again. I helped organize this eclectic mix of veggie, hybrid, natural gas, bio-diesel, solar, and human powered vehicles when it was still being held at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline. Ah, those days when I was the "bike guy" so many years ago in 2003. Many thanks to Alison Sander for keeping her vision moving forward.

— Friday—Saturday 28-29 Sept. 2007 —
( FREE — Fri. 9a-7p / Sat. 10a-6p)

Wide Range of Exciting and Fun Activities
See the full list of Exhibitors/Sponsors
  • Unique one of a kind alternative vehicles from several million
    dollar fuel cell cars to cars that run on used vegetable oil.
  • The Energy Freedom Trail with a chance for each person to
    calculate their personal "Carbon Footprint" and learn 2
    4 ideas and resources or going on a carbon diet/reducing
    their carbon footprint. Includes 150 free Compact Fluorescent
    Light Bulbs to first comers each day.
  • Awards for 20 Green Pioneers Friday 3-4 with Mayor Menino.
  • Awards for 20 Regional Green Heros Saturday 2-3.
  • Watch biodiesel being made.
  • Learn how ordinary hybrid cars can get 70 mpg.
  • Many activities for kids including onsite interactive exhibits from
    the New England Aquarium and The Museum of Science,
    face painting and more.
  • REI Free bike repair tent and bike exhibits.
  • Browse the onsite Borders sustainability bookstore.
  • Two Live Bands: Cocabanana Band and Kevin Connelly.

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