Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Camping "Green"

My wife and I decided to camp out in a tent for the first time together this weekend. It is easy to see how dependent we are on "stuff". For two people "roughing it", we had piles of stuff; tent, sleeping bags, pillow, food, wood, clothes, water bottles, toiletries, etc., etc. To top it all off, we were at a site with 30-something other groups, each with multiple cars and way more stuff than we had. As I mentioned to my wife as we drove out route 2, at no time in our decision making process for the trip did we account for fuel was just there. With a carbon tax, it may have been a different story. Image from

No Impact Man, what an idea!

I just had an online class for my BGI economics review. You know, it's pretty amazing what we can do with technology. Eight people were virtually connected over a web of electrons travelling along conductors of various ilk, metallic and otherwise. I wonder what the life-cycle analysis of a bundle of information traveling along a phone wire, or wirelessly through the ether, really is. Would you account for the percentage of the bandwidth that packet took up on that conductor and what kind of conductor it was and what technology allowed the bundle to be that bundle and the energy that went into the message sending device, the transmitting device and the receiving device? Whew!

It may very well be less than sending a message via sail boat and the very least it's faster. Of course getting the information their quickly does not mean it's necessary.


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