Saturday, October 06, 2007

Knee Deep in Accounting

I'm knee deep in Accounting 101 as my BGI experience begins to ramp up. The image from seems appropriate. I've always known that understanding finance is an important part of any business career, and it's something that I've always been meaning to study independently, but now that I'm paying for a new graduate experience and being held accountable, I seem to be more motivated to learn it. Though I sometimes struggle with the terminology and the recording of transactions in the correct way (was that a debit to A/R and a credit to Allowances along with a debit to bad debt expense?), I am starting to see how understanding the basic accounting statements helps one analyze and understand a business. Not to mention the fact that finance is one of the basic elements of an MBA, meaning I gotta "get it".

On a completely different note, as I watched the news this morning to catch up on the Red Sox's playoff performance, I saw a story on The Today Show about the KillaCycle, the World's Quickest Electric DragCycle. Interesting. Imagine getting all the fossil fuel guzzling racing sports into alternative fuels. Would that effect the nation's attitude? Given the billions poured into sports marketing globally, and the popularity of motorized sports, why not get them to help lead a shift in mindset?

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