Monday, October 08, 2007

School of Choice?

I went to bed with thoughts of combining short term debt and long term debt for cash flow analysis dancing in my head, along with the Jolly Green Giant's FIFO Fum! I woke up with the same thoughts, and maybe a clue about what i should take on next. I did manage to get some reading done, though i am unsure how much stuck since I was preoccupied with accounting. The main points from "Leading Teams" Chapter 2:

Essential Features of real Teams:
  • well defined task
  • well defined boundaries (who is in the team and who is not)
  • delimited authority
  • stability over time
The most exciting thing I learned over the past few days is the inclusion of BGI in BusinessWeek's stories on integrated design schools globally. Seems that the folks at BGI may be on to something with their integration of business and sustainability. That's why i wanted to go there. Here are the stories as forwarded to me by a BGI faculty member:
Here's the main story link, Top Innovation & design Schools
1) Design-Schools Special Report – Global List Bainbridge Graduate Institute is internationally ranked as one of the top 60 best design schools

2) Designing Sustainable Leadership
An unconventional B-school in Washington, with sustainability at the core of its curriculum, encourages students to search for creative solutions

3) The Talent Hunt
Design programs are shaping a new generation of creative managers: The Second Annual BusinessWeek survey ...what is it about?

4) Talent Hunt: The Methodology Story: The international panel of 22 experts and 6 executives that chose BGI as one of the top 60 best design schools ---Who are they?
How our panel of experts arrived at the list of institutions that made our list of the most forward-thinking design schools.

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