Monday, June 09, 2008

Do Children...

...have an appreciation for Nature that adults have lost? While waiting in the lobby of a local pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Massachusetts, I absent-mindedly flipped through a calendar. It was one made with crayon drawings from children, more than likely, the offspring of the employees of said company. I did not pay much attention, until I realized some common themes...climate change, global warming, nature scenes...interesting. I went back and counted; 5 out of 12 pictures drawn depicted scenes related to preserving nature:
  • A fish asking us not to pollute (with a motorboat puffing away in the background)
  • Two Polar Bears on a shrinking block of ice
  • The earth with a smoke spewing factory fouling the air (the scale was off)
  • A child stopping the train of global warming (literally) by saying we can all do it together The last drawing is escaping me
What do the young know and appreciate that the "mature" have forgotten?

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