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Press Release

Joe Cloud (see below) is one of my classmates at BGI. He decided to take a break from formal studies and take some action on his passion in the real marketplace with this venture. It just so happens that I am nearly through the "Omnivore's Dilemma", the book referred to and the featuring Joel Salatin as an example of artisanal farming that is true to its roots; local, sustainable, real. This is an exciting development. I am proud to know Joe and wish him the best with this adventure.
The question for me is where this kind of a local food network in New England is and how have other regions of the country been successful?

- T & E Meats -
256 Charles Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Contact: Joe Cloud
Phone: 540 434 4415
Cell phone: 540 292 8106

From Omnivore's Dilemma to Carnivore's Delight:

Legendary Grass-Fed Farming Guru, Joel Salatin, teams up with entrepreneur, Joe Cloud, to move more meat from the field to the freezer.

Harrisonburg, VA July 2, 2008

Catering to locally produced and processed meats, two area entrepreneurs purchased the historic Harrisonburg Wholesale Meats business from longtime owners Tom and Erma May.

Known locally as T&E Meats (as in Tom and Erma), the business will continue serving the community from its current location on Charles Street, where it has operated continuously since 1939. Under the management of new owners Joel and Teresa Salatin of Swoope and Joe Cloud of Fishersville, the business will retain its T&E Meats name, but the letters will now stand for True and Essential.

The Salatins operate Polyface Farm in Augusta County, a major regional grass-based meat and poultry supplier. "T&E has been processing our federal inspected beef and pork for many years and its survival is critical in order for us to serve our restaurants, retail outlets, and individual customers," said Salatin.

Co-owner and general manager Joe Cloud added: "There is enormous pent-up demand among Virginia farmers for processing services that will allow them to sell into high-value local markets, which we hope to capitalize on." Salatin and Cloud also plan to expand the retail offering to include a variety of locally produced natural and organic meats, including Polyface Farms' unique grass-finished beef and chicken and their acorn-fed pork.

While farmers' interest in direct sales mirrors the sharp upturn in demand for local and pastured meats, these products cannot be sold without passing through a USDA-inspected facility. T&E is one of the few remaining plants in Virginia offering that service. "We will be the link between high quality local farmers and their customer clientele. What an exciting piece of the local food network," Salatin said.

Cloud has recently returned to his family-owned farm from Seattle, where he is earning a unique MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. This degree emphasizes the important role that business plays in the development of sustainable communities and economies. Salatin, author of six books, is a nationally-recognized outspoken proponent of local food systems.
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For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with T&E personnel call Joe Cloud at 540 292 8106 or e-mail Joe at

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