Friday, November 14, 2008

Water, the WWF, ans Coca-Cola

This morning's keynote about the partnership between Coca-Cola's bottling and distribution enterprise and the World Wildlife Federation was interesting in terms of the some of the issues brought up: water usage (coke measures theirs as 1.77 liters of water to make 1 liter of coke), distribution, packaging, Wal-Mart (a major customer who's pushing this agenda), and sustainable animal habitat.

Carter Roberts from the WWF mentioned that their panda logo is one of the 10 most recognizable brands in the world. To which I thought, yeah, because you've licensed the crap out of it. And I'm still not clear on what their successes have been (and how partnering with Coke is useful). They did talk about watershed restoration, but as someone who's worked in social services, I've come to prefer prevention to band-aids...

Marc Gunther moderated, and made a great segue: the elephant in the room was the bottles of Dasani on the table. The answer was basically that at least they weren't from Fiji. As Wayne pointed out, "less bad" is the mantra.

I will say this, hearing mainstream CEOs talk about measuring their entire value chain for their carbon footprint and admitting the externalities involved in producing corn syrup, was refreshing.

Now for my favorite: methane capture! And since one of the panelists is from Mars, there's candy.

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Anonymous said...

Great observation re: the Dasani bottles on the table...