Sunday, February 01, 2009

2009 - In With a Big Question Mark

What are we going to see this year?

Happy times! I overheard a young member (maybe 10 years old) of a family of four explaining to a sibling the climate benefit of reducing their auto travel by carpooling (at Panera no less!) good tidings...

I forgot about this little snippet of good news, I started this post quite a few weeks ago. I remember feeling optimistic after hearing this passionate explanation by so young a member of our community.

A few weeks on and I read from Reuters "Oil price slump a challenge to Obama energy agenda"; our myopia is on the way back with a vengeance as the need to spur the economy in the "good old fashioned way" may outweigh the need to spur green investments .

Government capital is flowing in new ways, designed to prop up a faltering engine. Will the faltering slow the train's journey off the cliff, or have we just moved the cliff further away, or, will we employ our ingenuity and spirit for change to new, cleaner, and socially just ways of doing business?