Monday, February 16, 2009

Organic Food Delivery

I decided to "take the morning off" and attend a SBNBoston "field trip" at Boston Organics last Friday morning. Boston Organics is a 6 year old company delivering organic produce (and other items) to ~2300 customers in the metro Boston area. It's great to see that there is such a demand for organic and local produce. The challenge is that there just is not that much local production going on any more. The owner, Jeff Barry, commented that they extend the tern "local" to encompass the east coast, extending down to Florida. They have the responsibility to supply their customers with what they are asking for, and since the items are not available "here", they go where they can get them. It made me think that the defunct and decrepit greenhouses ignored by the state here in Waltham might be a solution; imagine in Boston Organics could help underwrite the rehabilitation of the green houses, they have a built in demand from their existing customers for the fall and winter. Of course, the Waltham Community Farm that uses the land where the greenhouses live have already sold out their shares; maybe they'd prefer to have the greenhouses gone so they could grow more veggies?

As an aside, I had an interesting conversation about the way people use twitter, Facebook, Second Life, LinkedIn, etc. Seems some use Facebook for friends and Linkedin for professional, though others combine the two pretty closely. One woman, a bit older than my assumption about second life, said she uses it for business cool. I'm not sure if any of us knew what twitter was all about.

Considering the topic of "food", this article from the Wall Street Journal was interesting to me

These paragraphs stuck out to me...
"When times get tough, restaurants are one of the first places where people economize. In its quarterly surveys, research firm WSL Strategic Retail of New York has found that more people are preparing food at home, eating at lower-priced restaurants when they do eat out and picking less pricey items from the menu."

"Other consumers are opting for home cooking. In Bellevue, Neb., stock broker Kevin Vaughan and his wife cook chicken to make broth from scratch instead of buying it in cans, and use all of the resulting meat for multiple dishes."
Maybe there will be more looking locally for food?

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