Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools'...

...well, not really.

I had grand designs of creating an Onion-esque news piece complete with video and multiple blog entries about Facebook and other social networks deciding to "upgrade" their users' accounts to automatically generated QR code profiles; they would look at all your "stuff" on the network and mash it all together into a code that someone could scan or click on and get an online summary of "who you are".  The kicker is that you'd have no say on how the description came out, therefore, unlike The Kennedys, you'd be better served actually dealing with it and seeking to change the things that go into "The Profile" instead of suppressing it.  The other idea was that Facebook's overall page layout was one big code scanable by special marketing computers located in third world countries to enable massive "social spamming"...

Do me a favor and drop a quick comment if you read this...I'll take any suggestions for pranks (that I'll think about and never do) for 2012

So, if you bothered to can the QR code expecting a Rick Roll or something like that, here's your opportunity.

Oh, and in the cruelest of April Fools' jokes, it's snowing here in the Boston area.  Nice.

Have a great weekend.

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