Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rekindling the Green Mojo

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Could someone pass me that can of Green/Sustainable/Socially Just/Free Range Whoop Ass over there?

I seem to have misplaced my passion for creating a sustainable future over the past few years.  Once I left the like-minded, change agent- friendly, we can save the world environment of BGI, and lost the energy I drew from it, things....slowed....down.

Most of my efforts at work to help us establish a cohesive recycling program have been placed on the back burner.  I'm the first to admit that my real job responsibilities have trumped my voluntary work "on the side".  I'm wagering that's an issue many people with green intentions struggle with.

I tend to believe that my green inertia was rooted in feeling overwhelmed by the environmental and social challenges facing "the world" (these are all inter-related as far as I can tell);

  • climate change
  • political upheaval in various places
  • natural disasters
  • energy (where it comes from and where it WILL come from)
  • economic uncertainty
  • bigotry and social inequity
  • food supply issues
  • etc., etc.
Oh, and then we had a now we're charged with shepherding this little person into and through the world for the rest of our lives.  What I've found is that while the birth of our child certainly increased my sense of responsibility, its hasn't exacerbated the overwhelmed feeling when thinking about those issues mentioned above.  Instead, it's served as a bit of a kick-start for getting that Green Mojo think about how to make a positive impact no matter the scale.


What keeps your Green Mojo charged up?