Monday, April 23, 2018

Unfriending socials

About a month ago, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account.

I have not done it yet.

I realized that the time I spent there was NOT time well spent. In fact, between mindless scrolling and "friends" far outnumbering the Dunbar Number, I was skimming the tops of my relationships.

I noted this in my professional life as well. I have over 1000 connections on LinkedIn. Are they enriching for the person I'm connected with? For me? Have I skimmed the surface there, and by doing that limited my potential? Or, are the weak network connections just as important?

I'll be using the phone, hand written notes (egad!) and emails to nurture the relationships that I want, past, present, and future. So far I've done OK at best.

Then, I listened to this episode of Note to Self, a podcast I’ve found approachable and insightful for those that might “think too much” about what's shared online. It talked me off the edge.

Yes, our social shares of #food or our kids’ adventures are curated representations of the life we want our connections to think we have. It’s personal branding, whether we call it that or not.

My mistake was knowing that, and wishing it were something else.

P.S. I wrote about unionizing Facebook back in 2012. Is it time?

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