Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Biking Home

I decided to take a different route home yesterday evening after work. We have entered one of the hot and humid stretches of weather that Mother Nature provides as an antidote to our February complaints about winter's depressing grip. I cut over by the Wakefield High School planning to go through the Breakheart Reservation for some shade and relief from the heat. It was indeed cooler among the shadows of the trees. I pedaled along the steeper side of the path, marked as a miniature road with arrows indicating the direction of travel with dashed white lines in the middle. I worked hard over the short and steep hills, reminding my legs of the burning that they'll need to endure come the fall. It is interesting that people walking will stroll smack in the middle of the path. I wonder if they do not see the lines.

In any case, as I coasted rapidly down one of the small rolling hills, I passed the swimming hole. There were families there, with children and adults happily splashing or wading, enjoying the cool water away from the day's heat. I thought about what one of my fellow cyclists had said about riding out to Walden in the hot weather and taking a swim. It seemed like an awfully good idea, and here I was, right next to a swimming hole! I circled back, but hesitated to park my bike and jump in. I felt my resistance from a place the prefers order and planning. It was hard for me to just "be" and follow my impulse to run into the pond. In a way that scared me. I resolved to get in, so I parked, removed shoes, helmet, socks, etc. and walked into the water. It was warmer than I expected; it is small and shallow. I dove in quickly, and walked back out to suit up and continue home.

While it may not have been spontaneous since I paused to assess the situation, I felt better for having done it. I have been pushing myself, always seeking, searching, wondering, and thinking, constantly pondering what my work means. A simple dip in a pond offered a respite from these thoughts.

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