Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I ride my bike to work...sometimes

I lasted into December last year, and managed a few days of commuting in January, February, and March. February is the most depressing month. It is cold and dark. Winter's grip seems interminable. I look forward to the first day of March. It does not magically become warmer, but I know that spring lingers in the future like a tantalizing treat just out of reach, but getting closer.

When the weather turns warmer, which seems to be later than the previous year here in New England, it is much easier to get up and get on the bike. It's refreshing and invigorating, providing a physical outlet for the pent up energy that sometimes overwhelms me. It's a small rolling protest against our automobile addicted society. It is an investment in my health, though there are those I am acquainted with that think I am potentially shortening my life "dancing with cars".

I feel better when I arrive home in the warm summer evening having burned off whatever concerns of the day lingered as I left the office.

Now, if only I would think about cooking dinner...

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