Friday, July 22, 2005


When it becomes uncomfortable to participate in the activity one enjoys, perhaps it is time to seek help.

I visited a physical therapist yesterday, someone with cycling background, to help me correctly diagnose an imbalance in my posture on the bike. Of course, this imbalance extends to regular walking as well. In short, I feel all messed up. The back of my left knee bothers me on and off, I feel like I'm supporting the majority of my upper body weight on my left arm, and no matter how I nudge myself, I can not seem to find an acceptable place on the saddle. I've been in touch with the professionals through as well to help me determine what I have done to myself. It is self-inflicted, as most things are.

The good news is; I confirmed that my pelvis is tweaked, no doubt contributing to the other maladies I am complaining about. It may be from a persistently high saddle, coupled with riding that way for too long. That would lead to the body choosing one side, eventually leading to a lean to one side, therefore strengthening and skewing one side causing my pelvis to face a bit to the right when trying to sit straight...whew!

I've been told many times that the core is immensely important to athletic comfort and performance. Now I am learning first hand how true this really is. The hard part will be maintaining my discipline with the exercises and follow up work to fix the problem. The shim I have under the left pedal is a Band Aid for the real problem of not having symmetrical posture, pedaling action, or strength.

I wonder if I have long legs relative to the rest of my body? Maybe that means the bike I've been riding does not fit me as well as I thought it did when I bought it three years ago. If I knew then what I know now...

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