Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back in Boston - Surviving Interbike

I suppose the term "surviving Interbike" is a little dramatic considering that it is only a trade show. Indeed, with the tragedies that have affected the Gulf Coast over the past few weeks, not to mention the continuing war in Iraq, how can trade show participation be considered surviving?

Whether it is worthy of the term or not, I was in Las Vegas for four days last week. Three of those days were for the most part spent in the small white cubicle shown above or en route to the restrooms and trade show concession stand. Trade show food is always something to look forward to. How much better can it get than three say old hotdogs and soggy sandwiches? Hey! At least I had the chance to get some lunch. Some of the folks I work with were not so lucky.

I met with too many people to keep track of, and quite honestly, I am still a bit off from the time spent in a different time zone. It is a strange sensation to feel like your schedule is not quite circadian, or at least occurring in the same 24 hours that we are used to.

I had very little time to wander the show and ogle the do-dads and gee-gaws that I have been told to expect at Interbike. Having never been there before, I had nothing to compare it to in terms of gadgets and gizmos. From what I heard, this year was no different than any other. I will continue to shovel out.


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Christopher Largen said...

Hot dogs? I'm going to have to turn you in!

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Chris Largen

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