Monday, February 06, 2006

From The Economist

"This doesn't mean that managers will junk all their BlackBerries, Palm Pilots and mobile phones. They will still love them and buy the latest models that come out. But they won't be in the briefcase. That is partly because the most fashionable business people will not have briefcases. They will have sleek black bicycle panniers to go with the most fashionable management accessory of 2006, the bicycle.

Managers will arrive at work in cycling shorts, having ridden on a very expensive machine that is greatly over-engineered for a commute to work. They will boast in the bike shed that the frame is from Japan, the gears from Canada: they will be riding the ultimate granular bicycle."

The manager of the future will be armed with the latest in micro-mobile technologies. Employees will take advantage of technologies that promote productivity anywhere and anytime. The best part of this scenario is that each electronic gizmo will be built in a zero waste or "cradle-to-cradle" production system. The producer will ultimately be responsible for the life cycle of the product, including its disposal. It will not just be thrown away. Rather, it will be in the economic best interest of companies to design and manufacture products that are nearly 100% reusable to capture the valuable resources that would normally be added to a landfill."

Zero waste; what will that mean to life?

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Anonymous said...

didnt you know Wayne, cycling is the new golf.