Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life Work; Balance?

OK, so you probably cannot read the attached article from the Wall Street Journal. What caught my eye about it was that it echoes the sentiments of an article I read in The Economist in their Special The World in 2007 issue. Seems that we have nothing to expect but more hours and less flexibility, thought the WSJ article offers up some hope. Now, when it comes to discussions of sustainability, isn't the ability to mesh one's career with one's "life" something to take into account?

Work-life imbalance
Lucy Kellaway

From The World in 2007 print edition

Farewell to the flexibility fad

If you don’t have an office of your own already, 2007 may be the year in which you finally get one. Your new office won’t be large, as your company will remain devoted to keeping costs low. There will be no shiny mahogany desk, and the partition walls may be flimsy, but there will be a door and it will be acceptable for you to shut it. This is to make no prediction about your personal career advance: your office will simply be a sign that some of the old ways of working are on the way back.

Ten years ago corporations were preparing for a revolution in the way in which their managers worked. This was to be brought on by three things: a flattening of the hierarchies, which would introduce democracy into offices; the fear of losing talented women, which would make companies willing to offer part-time work; and technology, which would mean most work could as easily be done from Starbucks as from the office. Under these new working conditions, people would work where and when they liked. Teams would be virtual and offices flexible. (see link above for the rest of the story)

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