Thursday, January 11, 2007

Office Equipment

With the start of the new job back in December comes the accoutrements that create a remote professional salesperson, Dell laptop, home office H-P printer/scanner/fax machine, company demo equipment, and the biggest of them all, an automobile. The laptop and the printer are finally completely installed, while the shopping for the new car is earnestly in process.

Though my efforts at being a carbon neutral employee are in their fledgling state, I am mildly excited that both Dell and HP are making some attempts at reducing the ecological footprint of their equipment. In fact, just yesterday evening, I read this press release on CSRWire about Dell, DELL, and Conservation Fund Partner to Offset Carbon Dioxide Produced by Computer Use. Here's an excerpt:
Through the program, a customer donation of $2 for a notebook and $6 for a desktop computer will offset carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to powering the average computer for three years. Dell will remit 100 percent of the donations received from the “Plant a Tree for Me” program to The Conservation Fund and to be used to plant trees. “Dell recognizes that offsetting carbon dioxide emissions with tree planting is an effective and inexpensive way to fight climate change,” executive director Eric Carlson said. “The beauty of this program is that anyone can do it and make a difference.”
Earlier this week Michael Dell outlined a new Dell Environmental Initiative. It appears to contain information about the "Plant a Tree For Me" initiative listed above along with some other topics related to the environment. How is Dell doing by the way? Not so hot since early 2005. Will this make a positive impact long-term? The test will be to determine if these environmental initiatives are a core part of their business strategy or some window-dressing that can easily be discontinued.

Another interesting tidbit, the Dell press release found its way to CSRWire along with the WBCSD which picked it up from GreenBiz. They're communicating!
More to follow with some H-P comments...

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