Monday, February 26, 2007

$5.50 a ton!?

That was my reaction to the cost of offsetting the CO2 I emitted in my business travels last month. Here is what my associate at Carbonfund had to say;
"Your distance of 1,183 is good for about 0.42 metric tons of CO2. The flying totals another .16 metric tons, so you're up to 0.58 metric tons so far...that's $5.50 a ton, so $3.19."

Given that there are about 158 billion pounds or 7.18 (did I do the conversion correctly?) million metric tons of CO2 emitted globally per day, according to a nifty article published by the Sierra Club last fall, I am small potatoes.

Of course, what (or who) is valuing the carbon? Good question, one that bears additional research.

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