Friday, April 20, 2007

Earth Day April 22nd!

What kind of a sustainable business advocate am I if I do not mention something about Earth Day coming up this Sunday?! With all the press about the Virginia Tech shootings, which is of course a tragic event and something that can easily occupy all of our minds, and the continuing saga of Iraq, I have seen little mention of Earth Day in the press.

Well, it's "only a day", but perhaps one that will make more people think about the environmental impact of their actions. There are plenty of pretty and glossy pictures and articles in Vanity Fair's 2nd Annual Green Issue to help us along. Hey! If the beautiful people are doing it, we can do it too!

I received a note that Oprah and Martha Stewart will be featuring (of course they will!) Green Lifestyle tips on their shows today. It's all good. The more people are exposed to green/clean/sustainable, the better.