Friday, June 08, 2007

Boston Based Businesses & Bicycle Retailer Receive Press in Hemispheres

I am not a literary critic, and may be right out of bounds using the term "literary" when describing the advertorial magazines airlines provide "free of charge" for our reading enjoyment. Who am I to judge?

Regardless of these magazines' journalistic credentials, I was recently informed that Boston area small businesses and organizations involved in socially responsible business received some press in United Airlines Hemisphere Magazine. The article, Small Business, Big Impact, highlights he work of Laury Hammel, Michael Kantor, and Don Shaffer with BALLE, Cambridge Local First, and the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston.

Laury was one of the first people I met when I started exploring the concept of sustainable business about five years ago. The guy's got crazy amounts of energy and believes he can help change the world.

I also noticed that the article mentions Jay Graves and the Bike Gallery of Portland, OR. This was a little bit of a blast from the past as The Bike Gallery is one of the independent retailers Seven Cycles works with. While I did not work directly with Jay, I knew of their shop and of their activities in the local economy around Portland. It was good to be reminded of my time in the Bike Biz.


Jennarate said...

Bike Gallery is a great shop albeit not an authorized Seven Cycles retailer.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bike Gallery is NOT an authorized Seven Cycles retailer...I stand corrected. I thought they WERE!