Monday, August 27, 2007

Economics and Accounting

So I spent a good portion of another weekend studying the basics of accounting and economics. I am excited to be learning again, though there are still moments of complete panic when I feel that I don't "get" a topic and wonder if this going back to school thing is really a good idea. This thinking was drawn out Sunday morning. I decided to watch one of my favorite news programs, CBS News' Sunday Morning. It's interesting to me that a news program clearly aimed at people 15-40 years older than me (witness the numerous ads for ED), or at least that's my assumption, is one I like to watch.

In any case, CBS News Commentator Nancy Giles made a point in her segment that made me think about what I was doing; she talked about the fact that we have too much going on to stop and smell the roses. She's right, as far as I can tell. From a green perspective, it made me pause and think about the choices I make and their effects on carbon emissions and the environment. Taking on a graduate program that meets once a month clear across the country is certainly not a green choice. Neither is buying Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee in single use plastic containers, or ordering take-out in the same kind of containers, single use. Why did her segment make me think about green issues? Mostly because her point, that we are a nation moving too quickly, relates to having a better sense of the world we inhabit and what really matters, from friends and family to clean lakes, streams, and air. Most of us want that, right?

So, what am I doing? I've decided to work on changing my habitual trips to D&D when I am out and about, and especially when I am traveling on business. It'll be tough for a while, but in the end, it'll save me time and money. It's a small start, but one that can at least make me feel like I'm doing something. Oh, and the trips across the country once per month? I'll take the money I saved on D&D coffee and buy some carbon indulgences from NativeEnergy and see if that helps.

By the way, I took a break from economics (shut-down price and marginal analysis) and watched a bit of the Green Teen Choice Awards (the regular Sunday night Fox programming was preempted). I noticed the green label and wondered how it was green. All I could find was this, finding out about what celebrities were "going green". At least green was mentioned.

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