Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Incentives for Greenery

As I walked from my recently parked car at Logan Airport's central parking facility this afternoon to climb aboard my CO2 spewing plane, I noticed the special "Clean Vehicle" Parking Zone. Pretty cool. There were a few cars in it, and plenty of spaces left for others with clean vehicles (not me), but the very fact that it was there was encouraging.

It got me thinking about the choices we make, life decisions that seem so trivial but have a tremendous social cost in terms of environmental degradation and the potential long-term health of our culture. Simply taking a job that requires extensive travel (witness my current situation) is something that increases my impact on the climate. There is no real business sense of responsibility to reduce or minimize such travel needs. It's just part of "doing business". We need to change that. How, with the proper mix of individual action, corporate action, and government policies that are designed correctly. Oddly, my trip to Baltimore this time did not bring on a mental deluge of "what the heck am I doing?" questions. They'll come back soon enough.
On the return trip from Baltimore, I walked through the same parking lot and noticed quite a few more alternatively fueled (including hybrids) vehicles taking advantage of the preferred parking places. That was good to see.

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