Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leaving BGI Orientation

My mind is both rationally and emotionally exhausted. My body's pretty tired as well. The five days I spent with a portion of the people that make up my Cohort of BGIers was an amazing, energizing, and draining experience. I explored some aspects of myself that yielded some surprises, or at least revealed some deeply hidden emotions that have been successfully ignored for quite some time. As our dean explained, grad school can sometimes reveal some issues that have been simmering for quite some time; perhaps it is happening to me.

I snapped this photo as we all gathered along the water to witness the sun's disappearance behind the mountains of Vancouver Island across the Strait of Georgia. Like the silhouettes here, the people that share my interest in business' role in creating a sustainable future do not fill a type. I had my own preconception of what I would find at Channel Rock, and as with most preconceptions, they were wrong.

We spent five days getting to know each other and creating a safe space amongst ourselves for sharing our hopes, dreams, and desires for our BGI education. It became clear to me as the days melted into each other that my cynical judgement of my fellow human beings was nothing but a detriment to my deep desire to connect with people of like mind. How would it be possible for me to engage people in discussions about sustainability if I am closed to their ideas and have already written them off as another uncaring western consumer?

Our activities ranged from quiet time in the woods to reflect upon our commitment to a sustainable business education, to group improvisational work, to small group discussion, to skit creation and production. It became a safe place to exchange ideas and talk freely and frankly about where we have been and where we would like to go. In fact, at the wrap up party on Wednesday night, I found myself dancing about with a carefree happiness that I have not felt since I was coaching for Team in Training. It was a good feeling. Now, if only I can bottle a little of it up to keep with me on the east coast?

Don't I have some accounting and economics to study? Debit, Credit, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Retained Earnings = Net Income - Dividends, Supply, Demand Elasticity, Profit = (P-ATC) x Q...whoopee!

By the way, I am already thinking of myself as a bit of an entrepreneur, or maybe an investor; I am investing in myself through an education with a start-up organization. How cool is that?

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