Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Foggy Morning

There's a muggy mist hanging over the land today. For October 3rd, it's a bit odd. The tendrils of the low clouds mingle with the tops of the trees in a way that enhances the constant small crashes of acorns falling to the ground. It's practically raining acorns, the seeds of future oaks, some grabbed greedily by the squirrels that seem more active than ever, preparing for the winter ahead.
The sprawling spiderweb covering about 15% of the shrub near my front door caught my eye for a number of reasons. The entangled fibers, looking haphazard, but probably placed carefully by the designer and builder, reminded me of the interconnectedness of people and societies, especially some of the connections that are indirect and may not be readily apparent. We're all in one big system, isn't that cool?

Oh, and a blurb on New Source Review CO2 regulation from the Power Engineering e-newsletter:
New source review for carbonThe EPA may begin regulating CO2 emissions from power plants and other stationary air pollution sources under new source review requirements of the Clean Air Act, according to an sources in Washington DC. Michael Ling, associate director of the office's Air Quality Policy Division, says the EPA will propose a rule setting a threshold for greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking at a meeting of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee last week, Ling said the agency will propose the threshold in conjunction with another proposal, due by the end of the year, to set limits for emissions of greenhouse gases from mobile sources.
What will this really mean? More nukes? CO2 scrubber technology? Algae everywhere? The web thickens...

A quick scan through the latest ISA magazine InTech illustrated new ways to use old technology, The Simple Power of Ice.

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