Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Understanding the Audience "Green Week"

So, NBC and CNBC are in Green Week. This is way cool. Has it reached such a fever pitch that the networks are hanging their hats on being green? Joel Makower of GreenBiz is way ahead of me, and has a full blown interview, but he does this for a living, right?

Watching Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC last night as I flew to Seattle for round two at BGI, I caught the tail end of his interview with David Crane (what appeared to be) a classmate of his from Harvard and CEO of NRG Energy. This is the same guy that just wrote the Washington Post Editorial on the need for a federal cap-and-trade system to help us reduce our carbaholism. Clearly, he is out on the PR path banging the drum for NRG's strategy, including the construction of two new nuclear power plants in Texas. He gave more of a nod to photovoltaics as an alternative (Jim mentioned First Solar, of which I actually own a few shares) but did not seem to high on wind because of it's intermittent nature and cost due to the weak dollar killing the imports of wind components shipped from Europe.

The good thing about the integration of green themes into the week of NBC programming is just that; integration. Interweaving sustainable thinking into our everyday actions is what we ought (that's a tough word) to be doing. Perhaps their efforts at integration will be absorbed by those glued to the television.

When the Street traders are getting excited about energy stocks, then green & clean energy must be gaining more momentum.

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