Saturday, January 05, 2008

Naming Rights

I was recently part of a poll to help Mark Albion, he of the career purpose guidance Making a Life and writer of True to Yourself, Leading a Values based Business, name his new book. I must admit that I have not read the book , nor have I met Mark, but we have corresponded a few times and his kind words have helped guide my decisions around pursuing a sustainable MBA at BGI. I appreciate his views and counsel. (image from Turning point Books)

In a nutshell, the new book dives into:

MBA students are chronically risk-averse. Their risk aversion prevents them from seeking and living a life of meaning and purpose. Yet we all want to lead a meaningful life, one that comes from being part of something bigger—a bigger story than one life, one person, one family. In this book, the man BusinessWeek calls "the savior of B-School souls" redefines risk as a business proposition. Albion shows students that the choices they think of as “safe” (e.g. lucrative jobs that fulfill no personal aspirations aside from financial gain, deferring service to others until retirement, etc.) are actually quite risky, since they typically lead us to sell our souls. A consciousness-raising book--rather than a how-to--Albion’s project helps MBA students give themselves “permission” to be who they really want to be. It helps readers develop the will to create a meaningful life.

The first step in this process is for readers to identify their own values. How can you create value, Albion asks, until you know your values? Abion encourages readers to re-think and reassess, but he doesn’t point them in a specific direction. He walks them through the process of asking and answering four core questions: 1) Who Are You? 2) What Do You Want? 3) What Can You Do? 4) Where Are You Going? The goal is to help readers identify and formulate what a meaningful life looks like for them.
This sounds pretty juicy doesn't it? What was very interesting was that attached to the summary was a poll to help choose the title and subtitle of the book. I remember hearing about a book on the Wisdom of Crowds, yet another of the many topics I have yet to learn about (though I would like to) and assume we are the crowd that Mr. Albion is looking to for some guidance. I wonder how my choice will rank?

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