Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vote for BigBelly Solar!

See here...and vote for the renewable energy based company. Jim Poss is a friend and member of the BGI community. He started a company (BigBelly Solar) seeking to reduce fuel use and beautify city streets. Check it out and vote for the green entrepreneur.

The following is from the Forbes sight:
Picture a loud, smoke-belching garbage truck. You are behind it in traffic. It gets only 2.8 miles per gallon and drives over 25,000 miles per year collecting trash. It is the most polluting vehicle on the road. It costs over $100 per hour to operate. This is the "old way," our competition. Now picture a mailbox with a solar panel on top. You hear birds chirping in the background. This new waste collection system has begun to change the world.
BigBelly Solar (BBS) makes the "BigBelly," the world's first and only solar-powered trash compactor, which reduces collection frequency by up to 75% by enabling "compaction anywhere." The patented machine uniquely brings the benefits of compaction to points of disposal, making it useful anywhere outdoors. Some of these benefits are:
  • Reducing collections by a factor of four or more
  • Eliminating variability in timing of collections
  • Keeping animals out of the trash
  • Preventing overflows and resulting litter
Parks, cities, corporations and entertainment venues in 32 U.S. States and 15 countries are saving money and fuel by using these machines. For this achievement, the World Economic Forum named the company a "Technology Pioneer" in 2007. The U.S. currently spends $45 billion and burns 1 billion gallons of fuel annually to collect trash. BBS has begun to make an impact not only to budgets, but the environment.
BBS invents, designs and oversees manufacturing and sales of the BigBelly. BBS also sells subscriptions to a wireless management system that automatically coordinates collections according to real time demand. The company recently launched its Solar Recycling Kiosks, which bring similar efficiencies to public recycling. (plastic bottles can be compacted 15:1).
The company is five years old; it was funded by Angel investors with a social agenda. Its management brings decades of experience in renewable energy and manufacturing.
BBS has been growing 400% annually since its inception; it is poised for continued growth with its wireless system (for all types of dumpsters and trash bins) and its recycling offerings. Future company growth will stem from BigBelly technology. BBS recently pitched to an international package delivery company that its "smartest drop boxes in the world" could save time and fuel used to visit their 40,000 drop boxes in the U.S. When BBS proposed that a text message could eliminate trips to empty bins "for only $0.04," the company was intrigued and wanted to test a prototype.
If we are honored with this prestigious award, we would first use it as a marketing tool to continue to build credibility and broader awareness of our technologies. The award money would help evaluate and develop a product that has significant demand and environmental impact. BigBelly Solar will continue to challenge the status quo with more cost-effective environmental solutions. The cheapest gallon of fuel is the one you don't buy; and we prove that every day. The BigBelly is almost completely made of recycled materials. It is ROHS compliant and made in America.

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