Friday, January 14, 2011

Personality Types; Are You Primed for Social Media?

I've been talking to small, mission-driven business owners/founders I know about how they utilize social networking tools like blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc. to build relationships with their customers and prospects and to tell their stories. I've come to the conclusion that personality types have something to do with their willingness to explore and use these powerful engagement outlets; (image from

those on the introverted side of the spectrum tend to be less likely to spontaneously start using these tools than those with an extroverted tendency.

OK, my sample size is small, and I did not administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or any other such test)...and cross-reference it with their marketing activities. If I include friends and acquaintances that I know on and offline and there engagement in these networks there seems to be something to this.

It's distinctly possible that it's not just the use of social media that small-business/ entrepreneurial personalities all along the intro-extroverted spectrum struggle with. Depending upon the nature of their businesses and their skills, its distinctly possible that their overall use of any kind of communications to tell their story and reach customers suffers. One might posit that someone with an operational background might be less likely to spend the 16th hour of their day attending to twitter (which they need to do during working hours by the way) instead of working on their latest packaging machine challenge. It's also possible that they're so passionately engaged in their work & mission, something they've committed to with heart and soul, that they're lost in their own story and believe that everyone else already "gets it".

Regardless of the small-business owners' proclivities and personality types, the people that might buy their products/services or are talking about things relevant to their businesses use these social networking tools. And, the beauty of these services is that they're pretty darn easy to set up. Of course, content is king so a blank Facebook page may not be very engaging, and could end up hurting the business if left that way.

Has anyone else experienced this in their conversations with mission-driven/small business/ entrepreneurial types?

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